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Network Voice and Data Communications, Inc. is a subsidiary of Associated Telephone Design, Inc., which was founded in 1978. Since its inception, Associated Telephone Design has grown to become a major contender in the highly competitive interconnect field. Our personnel have the experience and the ability to design, install and maintain all forms of Nortel Networks equipment from small key systems to the most sophisticated DPABX (Digital Switching) equipment.

However the need arose to expand our vision and embrace new technologies. Thus, Network Voice and Data Communications, Inc. was born with emphasis on various VOIP solutions while maintaining our expertise in DPABX solutions as well.

Our experience in the interconnect field has enabled us to develop an excellent rapport with Verizon personnel. Network Voice and Data Communications has a unique Carrier Account Management Department. Besides giving our customers the coordination necessary between the client, the carrier and Network Voice and Data Communications, we also design and implement voice and network services. The client may place all requests for the utility through the personalized service of Network Voice and Data Communications. We employ this full time staff free of charge to the client.

We at Network Voice and Data Communications feel that the following makes us a highly reputable, valid choice when choosing private telecommunications equipment:

· Complete familiarity with servicing the Tri-State area.

· Convenient sales and service locations.

· Certified service and repair technicians who are employed directly by Network Voice and Data Communications.

We stock a complete inventory of Nortel, Cisco and ShoreTel parts and have a full staff of service personnel at our headquarters.

We offer our customers a complete Carrier / Network Voice and Data Communications Liaison Department. This training enables us to provide, design and implement such services as PRI T1’s, Flexpath T1's, DSL, Centrex, etc.

Full Customer Service Department, including the availability of reasonably priced service contracts after initial warranty.

Prompt and efficient installation and repairs.

Network Voice and Data Communications has achieved success in the interconnect field by adhering to a rigorously enforced three pronged policy:

· Design - Not Duplication: Innovate and customize a system capable of satisfying the client's unique business requirements, with full consideration given to projected expansion.

· Cut-Over Made Painless: Utilize personnel proficient in the installation of the equipment being used to assure an efficient and expeditious cut-over. Timing of the cut-over must be carefully coordinated to eliminate interference with the client's business operation.

· Reduce Service Calls - Preventive Maintenance: Create a lasting relationship with client by correcting problems uncovered during periodic inspections both by Remote Maintenance and site visitors. This will reduce the chance of major failures.

Network Voice and Data Communications currently distributes the entire Nortel, Cisco, Avaya and ShoreTel product portfolios.

Due to the extremely high reliability of the equipment we market, both the manufacturer and Network Voice and Data Communications provide each customer with a one year warranty, which includes all parts and labor at no additional cost.