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  • Network Voice and Data Communications

    Since 1978, NVD has offered solutions to improve the speed and flexibility of business communications while allowing your business to prioritize how and where your customers can reach you. NVD offers total support including design, engineering, installation and maintenance.

  • Communications Solutions

    Today's telecommunications platforms provide more features and benefits to your company than ever before while reducing your total cost of ownership. When was the last time your organization researched its communications infrastructure? NVD can help.

  • Keeping Up?

    Technology changes rapidly. Your demands and your customer's demands change as quickly. Can your communications system keep up?

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Why NVD?Your Needs + Our Expertise = Your Solution.

Our goal is to provide proven communication solutions to our customers - from application rich premise-based systems to essential cloud-based systems and everything in between.

Conversations with, not to, our customer by our Telecommunication Consultants to determine a cost-effective communications solution which will meet our customer's goals with the capacity for growth should the need arise.

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Partner News

  • Cloud-based solutions

    A cloud-based hosted PBX is a fully-managed flexible cloud-based solution that grows with you and supports unified communications without the capital expense of a premises-based PBX. It also provides built-in continuity and obsolescence protection.
    A hosted PBX solution provides logistical benefits that are hard to find with any other type of installation. With hosted, you can grow one seat at a time. This allows you to pay only for the services that you need. Hosted seats are quickly and easily deployed, making the initial install and future growth less painful. Because hosted PBX seats are connected via the IP network, it doesn’t matter where they are located. If you open an office in a different location, simply add hosted telephone sets there and they become a part of your existing system.
    Because your telephone system and its features are hosted in the cloud, there is no need for on-site management. Moves, adds and changes can typically be administered remotely.
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  • On-premise solutions

    Quickly and reliably connect your people and customers using an efficient and affordable phone system.
    We know the phone is the lifeblood of a any business, so a On-Premise system supports phone basics but also delivers powerful communications applications.
    An On-Premise solution scales with your business growth and uses either VoIP or Digital infrastructure to reduce communications costs.
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  • Infrastructure

    Any solution will perform as well as the infrastructure it is built upon.
    Everything begins with a solid foundation and communications are no different. From cabling to switching to routing to security to carrier services - all must be sufficient to handle the requirements of your organization's needs.
    It is this aspect which is so often overlooked when planning to meet any goal when in practice it should be the first step to achieving that very goal.
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Carrier Services

NVD can help simplify the management of your overall communications by assisting you with your carrier service needs. Let us guide you through the challenge of choosing a strong carrier partner and the appropriate services to compliment your new system. By having NVD as your trusted advisor and central point of contact, you will have a streamlined process of ordering, managing and problem solving for your total communication needs – all at no extra charge. Chances are, you will save money as well.

We can help you get the best price available through our strong industry relationships with local CLEC’s, as well as multiple national service providers. Utilize our relationships and customer support to ensure expedited problem solving and proper resolution. We can be your “trusted source” for service on all your communication needs. You make the choice. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Coordinate and provide voice/data services along with phone system installation.
  • Give you multiple carriers to choose from.
  • Provide best carrier at the best price possible.
  • Take ownership of all your services and provide you with a timely update and accurate time to repair.
  • Eliminate finger pointing between your carrier and your phone vendor.
  • Handle all trouble tickets/billing disputes etc. with your carrier.
  • Keep accurate records of all your services.
  • Provide one point of contact for all your voice and data needs, and one number to call for Network Voice and Data customer service.